An antique dealer’s secluded city dwelling is a haven of history and charm.  In the main living room—formerly a garage—is a star-spangled Americana mirror from Scott Antique Markets. Checkerboard floors offer graphic pop, enhanced by the Jim Thompson silk pillows atop the English mahogany sofa.  Loftin loves how the room’s fireplace and flanking bookshelves accommodate her vast design library, one she’s been building devotedly for as long as she’s had the means.  Loftin, who is big on textiles and upholstery but remains especially sensitive to—and sentimental about—treasured family heirlooms. She champions quality but is never one to treat her acquisitions as so precious she needs to walk circles around them. Instead, she incorporates them into daily life.  Click to read more....

-Kate Abney for Simply Buckhead Magazine


Historic preservation was at the heart of this 1920's interior and exterior home redesign in Buckhead. The Spanish Colonial architecture sets a chic backdrop for a fun and comfortable space featuring vibrant art, lush upholstery, and festive textiles by Jim Thompson and Fortuny.


"Musical Mandala," a wallpaper designed by Jon Sherman, was custom colored on mylar to rock the walls of this newly built Nashville townhome.  Dark rich hues, iconic vintage pieces, and music memorabilia come together in a creative oasis for this bachelor musician's pad.


This space by Summer Loftin and Scott Reed embodies the opulence of a 1940s Fifth Avenue penthouse, tailored for a modern lifestyle. The master bedroom finds a harmony of comfort and purpose, aesthetics and function. Antiques and modern art culminate to create a space for both work and repose, where each corner holds a different experience and tells the story of travel, knowledge and imagination.

- Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


This 1930's colonial cottage is overflowing with southern charm.  The original historic ikat and floral wallpapers were carefully preserved and set a colorful backdrop for vintage and antique pieces.  Family heirlooms and personal collections layered with rich carpets and textiles, make this a unique and elegant interior.


The greatest legacy of artist, Howard Finster, is his renowned art site Paradise Gardens.  As an enthusiastic board member, I envisioned our visitors getting to submerge themselves in creativity and this led to the creation of the first onsite Airbnb.  In true Finster fashion, I began scouring my clients' basements and attics, looking for kitschy items to upcycle for the cozy space.  The popularity has led to two additional Airbnbs on the grounds of Paradise Gardens.  See more at Airbnb.  


A taxidermy collection and Victorian antiques become avant-garde in this modern gentleman's Trophy Room. When set against a custom designed and hand applied wall stencil, the Jim Thompson fabrics and family heirlooms breathe new life into a historic Buckhead interior.


This fun and energetic batchelorette pad on the bustling Atlanta Beltline has bright white walls to carry light from the large windows through the industrial scaled space.  Intimate seating arrangements are highlighted by bold artworks to create niches perfect for entertaining.  Chalk painted bathroom walls are graffitied with personalized notes from guests.


The courtyard of 20 West Taylor is inspired by the architecture of Savannah -- and particularly by the Greek Revival style of the showhouse itself. Incorporating classical garden elements like treillage and iron with antiques and contemporary outdoor pieces, Atlanta-based designer Summer Loftin aimed to make the back of the house every bit as beautiful as the front.


Marcia Sherrill and Summer Loftin created a glamorous study by lacquering the walls in brilliant white and painting the trim blood orange, then echoing the bright color in fabrics by Jim Thompson and a rug from Moattar, Ltd.  More than 600 antique books from Antonio Raimo Gallery line the room's shelves while a tulip-style chandelier from J. Nelson rounds out the designers' glamorous leitmotif.  

-Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


In collaboration with S. Reed Design, this fun and exciting "land yacht" project refurbishing a 1967 Airstream included a newly designed bathroom, kitchen, and living area.  Jim Thompson fabrics were used for the interiors and styling pictures taken at Lake Mead, Las Vegas, and Death Valley.


A checkerboard floor and built-in bookcases set the backdrop for a collection of blue and white porcelains while the wall color of SW Summer Blue makes the art works feel fresh and the antiques fashionable for this world traveler and Grand Millennial.


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